Specializing in additions and renovations is the passion of Phog Architecture. While we design projects of all types and sizes, additions and renovations often pose unique design problems that we enjoy working around. Whether your project will involve a new building on a clean slate or an existing building, we would like to be part of your building vision.

Designing to clients’ specific lifestyles is of utmost importance to our team. You’ll often hear us say that we can design a space a million different ways, but in the end, it needs to work for how you live. We enjoy clients who have an idea of what they want in a design and enjoy working with them to design and build their dreams into reality.

Phog Architecture
  • My husband and I were fortunate years ago to be in a position to build our own house on land he had purchased from his grandfather when he was just out of school. At the time we could not find a house plan that we liked that fit the building site well, so we drew something up ourselves. To this day I feel were very lucky that the inside layout actually turned out to be something we still love and actually works.

    We did not feel the same about the outside aesthetic. I was constantly trying to figure out how to make the house look more appealing from the outside. We knew we had to re-work the front entry. Cassandra Elwell with Phog Architecture was our solution. She encouraged me to send her pictures of things I liked even if it would not work for us. Somehow she put all these ideas together and nailed it. Our new front entry is amazing!

    – Lisa Vanderby, CPA

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